The World

Tor was formed in a very quick fashion, immersive forces ravaged the primordial landscape, forming mountain ranges and cliff-sides. then suddenly they seized and the various lands in tor quickly formed and were set into modern day positions, as a massive super continent. To the north and south huge freezing glaciers and tundra forests dominate the landscape forcing all life to adapt or die. in the east calm shoreline and rolling hills are beset by ravines and valleys. The west is a mix of endless desert and highly fertile ground causing early conflict and warfare. in the center of the world is the bastion sea, a deep and expansive ocean that separates the east and west.

The Early Tribes

As a result of the planet forming quickly and settling with little residue geological changes life sprang up very quickly. The earliest tribes formed mainly in the far fertile west, slowly expanding across the two land bridges at the north and south to occupy the east, the deserts of central tor were colonized relativity late compared to other harsh toran environments. Most historians believe it was in this state of development rather than late primordial that the species began to diverge into the different races. the elves are believed to be a section of humans who were imbued with magic upon feasting upon the legendary God-trees that were thought to exist in the great Palvion forest where most elves reside, this giving them naturally longer lifespans and a natural atunment to the Fae world. The dwarves first journeyed underground to avoid other hostile tribes and then just moved farther and farther down becoming sturdier and smaller as well as more in-tune to the earth around them. it is believed half-lings and gnomes developed as sort of cousin tribes in the foothills of the frost mountains, an easy life and plentiful food caused defenses such as height and strength to diminish and be replaced by higher intelligence and more subtle arts. Orcs are belied to have been first created by stronger tribes and being cross bred as warriors, the large and dumber ones could be easier to control. The dragonborn and tieflings arrived much later but there was evidence found many times claiming another tribe came from this age that does not resemble modern races.

First Recorded History

Not much of culture or government is known for those societies prior to this age, what is known is that around some point a larger and more powerful tribe tried to wipe all others out but was highly unsuccessful in all aspects except separating the different tribes allowing for a multitude of different cultures. The first recordings discovered from this time appear to be written by a seafaring human tribe located somewhere on the lower eastern coast. although rough the writings named today as the “Bors code” are a primitive form of today’s common and describe great mighty beasts roaming the world and odd magical occurrences suggesting the early world a much more wild and portal ridden era.

First Elven Empire


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